the black vault
thriller about jesuits

Unlikely Revolutionaries take to arms to turn the archaic Catholic Church into the leading force for change, and in the process they become the biggest threat to the U.S.'s interests...

The battle for change erupts and spreads from the Spiritual to the Temporal world. Agents of Change infiltrate the battlefields, and establishments of public and religious life, because with its murderous military-industrial complexes, rogue banksters, backward religious institutions, and corrupt political systems, the world is in need of a dramatic transformation...

Agents of Change right what is wrong...

Agents of Change is a novel of suspense, a pinhole into the theater of a monumental struggle, a vicious, and bloody battle for a better world. At the forefront of the battle stands the most powerful Catholic Order - Jesuits.

Category: Espionage, Spying, Thriller, Jesuits, Vatican, Hitmen, International, Conspiracy, Pentagon, SOA, Liberation Theology,

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ISBN: 9780986787164

eISBN: 9780986787157

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Inspiration for the novel came from the decrees of the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II), which spearheaded Liberation Theology, and inspired countless Agents of Change to engage in the battle for a better world...

"And it was a question of constructing a new world. For this Jesuits need to be 'converted'. To what? To opposition against the consumer society; against those who profit from unjust sources. And Then? To be agents of change." Malachi Martin (SJ), The Jesuits

"All through the 1980s and early 90s [U.S. army intelligence] recognized that the most serious threat to U.S. interests was not secular Marxist-Leninism or organized labor but liberation theology." Peter Hallward, Damning the Flood

"Be a patriot - kill a priest." A slogan used by death squads.

Historical Context:

Two months into his presidency President Ronald Reagan met with the National Security Council to discuss one thing: How to destroy Liberation Theology.

In the words of defrocked Dominican priest, Matthew Fox, they concluded they could not destroy Liberation Theology, but they could slow it down by dividing the Church, "and so they went after the Pope." In exchange for the CIA funding of the Solidarity movement in Poland (Pope JPII's homeland), the Pope gave the green light to destroy Liberation Theology.

And thus, "the CIA has been involved in ... the decimation of liberation theology all over South America, the replacing of [its] heroic leaders, including bishops and cardinals, with Opus Dei cardinals and bishops, who are — well, frankly, it’s a fascist organization, Opus Dei is. It's all about obedience. It’s not about ideas or theology. They haven't produced one theologian in 40 years. They produce canon lawyers and people who infiltrate where the power is, whether it's the media, the Supreme Court or the FBI, the CIA, and finance"...


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