R2I - resistance to interrogation is a name for a set of techniques taught to UK, USA and other NATO soldiers ostensibly to help them, after capture by the enemy, to resist interrogation techniques such as humiliation and torture.

The trainees undergo practices such as hooding, sleep deprivation, time disorientation, prolonged nakedness, sexual humiliation and deprivation of warmth, water and food.

One major objective for the prisoner is to buy time, since information he possess is most likely to be of only tactical value.

One method is called effective talking: in short, disclosing information that is correct but outdated or worthless. According to The Guardian (May 8, 2004) this training influenced the torture of Iraqi detainees by US soldiers at Abu Ghraib prison.

According to this same article the techniques were taught specifically to US military intelligence officers who later went to Iraq to perform interrogations. It's important to note that R2I training is not thought to be a practice for interrogators, who have to obey international law (e.g. the Geneva Convention).


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