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ISBN: 9780986787119

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From the author of WikiJustice comes this internationally-acclaimed and gripping thriller of the post Cold War world of espionage.

Now that the Iron Curtain had come crushing down, and Soviet satellite countries switched allegiance to the United States, their communist spies are no longer needed. Hundreds of thousands are discharged, but not retired - they form The Fifth Internationale, building a global conspiracy that will allow them to manipulate world governments to their own end.

Only one man can stop them.

ABOUT THE FIFTH INTERNATIONALE: In December 1991 the Soviet Union dissolved, marking the end of the Eastern Bloc, and the Cold War.

The country fell apart, but what happened to the hundreds of thousands of men and women with such unique skills as spying?

If anything, the changing political scene was a stark reminder that a life of a spy is dependent on the whim of the policy. This is a universal truth, regardless of the political system that spies operate under. The only way for spies to survive the winds of change is to be stronger than any state, stronger than any political system. This was the basis for writing The Fifth Internationale - an organization rumored to have been formed following the collapse of the Eastern Bloc.

A country may fall, but spying must go on...

Don't see this book in your local bookstore? ASK YOUR BOOKSELLER FOR THE PRINT VERSION. PRINT ISBN: 9780843953374